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Ready Set Brand Boot Camp

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Branding on a Budget Bootcamp: Elevate Your Business with Smart StrategiesDive into our three-day online Boot Camp tailored for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to craft a compelling brand without breaking the bank. This workshop will walk you through affordable yet effective branding and advertising techniques to make your custom merchandise business stand out.What We Offer:Day 1:May 24th @7pm EST. Designing Double-Sided Flyers using Canva - Capture your brand's essence and learn cost-effective printing options.Day 2: May 25th @ 2pm EST. Crafting Custom Bags and Pins - Expand your brand's reach with personalized merchandise that sings your business's praises.Day 3: May 26th @ 2pm EST. Creating Pop-Up Banners for Vending Events - Make a lasting impression at events with banners that tell your brand's story.Why Join Us?Expert Guidance: Learn from seasoned professionals who know how to make the most of a tight budget.Hands-On Learning: Practical exercises and real-world applications to apply to your business immediately.Business Focused: Strategies and insights directly relevant to growing your merchandise business.Community & Support: Join a network of like-minded entrepreneurs for collaboration and support.Secure your place today and start transforming your brand with "Branding on a Budget Bootcamp.

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