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Ideal for beginners and hobbyists looking to enhance their crafting skills and explore new designs
  • Access to Pre-recorded Classes: Unlock a world of learning at your own pace.
  • 10% Off Entire Website: Exclusive discounts on all our products.
  • Access to Private Facebook Group: Join a community of fellow crafters for support and inspirations
  • Live Weekly Class Every Wednesday: Stay updated with the latest crafting trends and techniques.
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The Crafter's Choice for Advanced Learning

Perfect for dedicated crafters seeking deeper insights and more significant savings.
  • Access to Pre-recorded Classes: Broaden your crafting knowledge with our extensive library.
  • 15% Off Entire Website: Greater discounts across our range of products.
  • Access to Private Facebook Group: Participate in a growing community of passionate crafters.
  • Live Weekly Class: Engage in weekly live sessions for real-time learning.
  • 50% Off Mystery Box: Exclusive access to our mystery box at half the price.
  • 50% Off Monthly Boot Camp: Special discount on our intensive crafting boot camps.
  • Getting Started Guide and T-Shirt: A helpful guide to kickstart your journey, plus a branded t-shirt.
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Tailored for the elite crafter who desires comprehensive access and maximum benefits.

Tailored for the elite crafter who desires comprehensive access and maximum benefits.
  • Access to Pre-recorded Classes: Explore an unparalleled range of crafting topics.
  • 30% Off the Entire Website: The highest level of discounts we offer.
  • Access to Private Facebook Group: Connect with like-minded crafters and industry experts.
  • Live Weekly Class: Exclusive access to our premium live classes.
  • Free Mega Mystery Box: A special gift featuring a selection of our best products.
  • Free Access to Monthly Boot Camp: Complimentary entry to our specialized boot camps.
  • Access to 2 Free Pre-recorded Online Courses via the Website: Dive deeper into crafting with two additional courses of your choice.
  • Free e-book: Get a complimentary copy of our latest ebook.
  • Enrollment Gift Box: Receive a special welcome package when you sign up.
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