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Graduation Boot Camp

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Graduation Bootcamp: Your Gateway to Creating Unique Graduation MerchandiseDive into our exclusive three-day online Boot Camp April 26th-28th , tailored for entrepreneurs ready to captivate the graduation season market. Discover how to design and sell graduation-themed merch.  Day 1: Personalized Shirts - 4/26 at 7pm ESTFocus: Techniques for designing unique, personalized graduation shirts using design software.Skills: Selecting fabric, integrating school colors and themes, adding personal touches.Day 2: Graduation Banners - 4/27 at 2pm ESTFocus: Crafting eye-catching, celebratory banners for graduation parties.Skills: Layout design, incorporating meaningful messages, choosing durable materials.Day 3: Fans and Fat Heads 4/28 at 2pm ESTFocus: Creating custom fans and oversized head cutouts for outdoor ceremonies and photo opportunities.Skills: Design considerations for outdoor use, material selection for durability and quality. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your business with exclusive designs and marketing insights.

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