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Clearance Screen Print Transfer Grab Bag

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Purchase your Clearance Screen Print Transfer Grab Bag to receive  a variety of our Screen Print transfers for only $14.99THE BAG WILL INCLUDE a verity of transfersEach box’s contents may vary No refunds.  HEAT PRESS SETTINGS: (Please see each screen print transfer description for exact pressing directions)– 325 degrees– Medium-High pressure– 7 seconds HOT peel****DO NOT COVER WITH ANYTHING! No teflon sheet needed for screen prints!—> NOTE: Each heat press is different. I recommend testing your press at different pressure/temperature/time settings to determine the best press for you! COMMERCIAL USE: We offer UNLIMITED COMMERCIAL USE of our screen print transfers! Here are our terms of service:– You may use this transfer for personal or small business use projects.– You may NOT resell the transfer as is; you MUST add the transfer to a physical product before sale. EX: Shirt, tote bag, can cooler, etc.– You may NOT share the design, or transfer as is.

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