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TikTok Bootcamp: Master TikTok for Your Craft Business

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TikTok Bootcamp: Master TikTok for Your Craft Business Dive into our exclusive three-day online Boot Camp June 28th-30th, tailored for T-shirt makers, tumbler makers, and entrepreneurs who use our screen print transfers and digital designs to create and sell custom merchandise. Learn how to leverage TikTok to boost your business, increase your reach, and engage with your audience. Day 1: Creating a Content Calendar and Understanding Trends - 6/28 at 7pm ESTFocus: Techniques for planning and creating a successful content calendar while understanding and leveraging TikTok trends.Skills: Developing a consistent content schedule, identifying and capitalizing on trends, and understanding TikTok’s algorithm. Day 2: Creating Different Styles of Videos - 6/29 at 2pm ESTFocus: Mastering various video styles to keep your content diverse and engaging.Skills: Storytime videos, transition videos, "Get Ready With Me" videos, and other engaging video styles. Day 3: TikTok Shop and Advanced Marketing Techniques - 6/30 at 2pm ESTFocus: Setting up and optimizing your TikTok shop along with advanced marketing techniques.Skills: Setting up and managing your TikTok shop, utilizing TikTok ads and promotions, collaborating with influencers, and analyzing performance metrics. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your business with exclusive designs and marketing insights tailored specifically for the TikTok platform.

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