SVGU Sublimation Boot Camp 101

SVGU Sublimation Boot Camp 101



This BOOT CAMP comes with bonus Pre-recorded SUBLIMATION TUTORIALS!!


January 29th-31st 2021

Each month, SVG onDemand University will offer a new 72-hour challenge with the goal to MASTER A NEW TECHNIQUE! Boot Camp will include access to our monthly #SVGUBOOTCAMP Facebook group, three live recorded class tutorials and exclusive skill based tips & tricks with Shierka and SBe!,

This month we are focusing on STARTING YOUR SUBLIMATION JOURNEY! 

Helping support new entrepreneurs is at the heart of our business here at SVG onDemand University. We have developed a tried and true method on starting and growing a successful custom creative business. Our ADVANCED SUBLIMATION Boot Camp will help you master advanced skills and techniques you’ll need to do the same!

We also understand the advanced skills that can help take your sublimation business to another level. 

You will find everything you need to know within this your booklet. Please make sure to read and follow the instructions listed within.


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