SVGU RIP MEMORIAL BOOT CAMP [05/21/21-05/23/21]

SVGU RIP MEMORIAL BOOT CAMP [05/21/21-05/23/21]




SVG onDemand University offers Virtual #SVGUBOOTCAMP each month with the goal to MASTER A NEW TECHNIQUE! These virtual boot camps allow you access to SVG OnDemand exclusive content and will include: 3 live recorded class tutorials and exclusive skill based tips & tricks with Shierka and SBe!, 

This month we are focusing on creating custom Rest in Peace Memorial designs and products! Helping support new entrepreneurs is at the heart of our business here at SVG onDemand University. We have developed a tried and true method on starting and growing a successful custom creative business. Our boot camp will help you master the core basics you’ll need to do the same!

Join us for three days of classes completely focused on mastering how to create memorial designs that truly honor the memory of our client’s loved ones. We will start of with learning how to edit photos and created memorial designs using different mobile apps and software. From there, we will put your new design skills to the test by designing and creating RIP shirts using HTV, Print & Cut, and Sublimation techniques. Day Three will take us even further by creating funeral cards.

SOFTWARE: Free Mobile Apps, Canva, Silhouette Studio [minimally free edition], Design Space, and Affinity Designer [optional].


  1. Purchase your SVGU RIP MEMORIAL Boot Camp admission.
  2. Download your PDF and read through! 
  3. Request to join our private SVGU RIP MEMORIAL Boot Camp Facebook Group (Details in your PDF!)


We will start admitting students to the private Facebook group on 05/19/2021.

Classes will be held on 05/21/21 at 7PM EST, 05/22/21 at 2PM EST, and 05/23/21 at 2PM EST.

All classes will be held on Zoom and broadcasted LIVE in the group. The LIVES will be posted within the Facebook group units for access to while the group is active. Please plan to do your homework so we can help track your progress!! 

This group, and access to all content posted within the group, will be deleted on May 30, 2021.





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